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  • Ozymandias 
  • UodatesEnter your comment here
  • Any updatesEnter your comment here
  • Any updates? 
  • Any updates on this project?
  • Sort of attraction that captures the imagination!
  • Would great to see Concorde alongside some of the great London landmarks on the Southbank.
  • Looking forward to seeing the Concorde on the Thames, will be a amazing addition to the South Bank.
  • The countdown was the predicted date, this project is taking a lot longer than was expected. Check for more information.
  • why has the countdown started again?Enter your comment here
  • 572 days?????????? :'(
  • cool idea but why has the countdown started again??? :'(
  • awesome idea! I cant wait
  • Great project!
  • It's important to preserve and have on public display such an engineering marvel the like of which hasn't been matched. 
  • It's just wonderful to know that so many people want to keep Concorde alive - even though sadly, she can no longer fly.  It will be fantastic if this project succeeds.  We all wish it every success!Enter your comment here
  • i am a pilot and Concorde enthusiast and travel back to the UK from Australia as often as i can. my uncle and i are club Concorde members a cannot wait for this project to come off. i will be on the next flight out when i hear that it gas come off.Enter your comment here
  • This sounds like an incredible idea! Concorde is such a huge part of British history, there is not enough recognition for this incredible feet of engineering! I think a display such as this, in such a prime central location in the worlds greatest city, next to two other fantastic British landmarks: The London Eye and Big Ben, will be a fantastic legacy for Concorde! I cannot wait to go to London once this is complete!
  • Would be great to see another plus for the capital, keep up the good work and make it happen.....Enter your comment here
  • This project MUST happen! It's the perfect place for maximum interest and a fitting tribute to all things Concorde. I would love to see it.
  • Fabulous idea - Concorde was always a crowd pleaser.Can't wait to see it.
  • By far one of the best ideas in these years! Go on Mr Cameron, approve the project and let's have this engineering masterpiece on the Thames. I think it will look fabulous, can't wait to go see it once it's there.
  • This is a must addition to the proposed Thames park project for the Olympics. Concorde is legendary!!!
  • Concorde should have a place in the heart of London seeing as it is one of the UK's greatest achievements.
  • Concorde was amazing and I would love to see it on the Thames.
  • Never had the chance to fly on the Concorde but saw it fly over head a few times, think it would be a great addition to the South Bank.
  • Great news on the £20 million boost!
  •  Spend just a little of the money on a roof, and let our children see it as well as us! Otherwise it will last 15 years tops.
  • I really like this idea!
  • Have not heard much on this for a while, would very much like to go a visit this attraction if is was to happen. Concorde was a great piece of British engineering and should have a special place in London.
  • Wow!, I read about this in the metro and thought this would be amazing. Have not heard anything since but would also love to see this project become a reality.
  • Is this really going to happen?, would be cool if it did.
  • Think the kids would love to see the Concorde on the Thames, come to think of it, so would I!
  • Really hoping to see the Concorde on the Thames, will be a fabulous addition to the South Bank.
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